Monday, January 23, 2012

All Over

Well folks, total change of plans, we caught up with our son and daughter in law and had a great time in Yeppoon. Very nice place, nice beach and they really cater for tourists. It was terrific to catch up with the boy, he looks very health and happy.
From there to our friends at Pine Creek to get the springs replaced in the awning. They have a nice spread out of Bundaberg a bit.
From there we went on to Barmera, our current location. Things changed on the way to SA in a big way. I have been having a lot of pain in my neck on this trip when I had to hook and unhook up the van. Every time I had to do something I was in quite a lot of distress so after talking it over, Fae and I made a big decision, the drier air was much better for her lungs and because I was having so much trouble we decided to call it quits and find a little place to settle, near to friends and rellatives.

We have a small unit in Barmera now, we sold the van and truck to a lovely couple from Adelaide who we getting ready to go on a bit longer trips than their smaller van allowed.
Fae and I then went and bought all new furniture and white goods and moved in. We also bought a new Getz auto, hell it's small out side but like a Tardis on the inside. The first thing we noticed was the fuel bill $60 to fill instead of the $180 we were used to, park any where in
the shade and rego and insurance is cheap also. All good so far.
So it's bye bye to the blog and all our friends we have met on the road. It was great while it lasted but we had to be honest about keeping going and perhaps doing some serious spinal damage. We will both miss traveling around and seeing all the little places that make up this big country. Best wishes to you all and above all keep safe.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

On the Road Again

Fae was given the all clear today after many rounds with specialists etc. She was diagnosed with Bronchiectasis, what a mouthful! It is the dilating of the airways in the lungs, caused in part from her radiation treatment a few years back. She was coughing and spluttering for some time and finally when we got home she went to see our doctor. After many rounds with antibiotics, various drugs and CT scans she was told she had the problem.
Any how, it is not curable but is treatable, so she is on drugs now leagaly. Hee! Hee!
We are going on to Prosserpine as Fae has her talks booked there first. We have allowed 5 days to get there from Cairns, a total of 630 odd klms. No too much of a rush.
From there we are going on to Laguna Quays and then to see the prodigal son in Yepoon, not sure after that but further south, may be the Great Ocean Rd.
Keep in contact and we might see you some where.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Back in Cairns

Well you know what they say about the best laid plans we left CT and headed off for slow drive to Blue Waters free camp. We were not in a hurry as the traffic was quiet and a beautiful day for driving. We stopped at Kmart in Townsville to get Misty a new bed for the back seat, also to grab a bite to eat, still only 1pm. We did the last 40 klicks to Blue Water only to find the place totally full, not a parking space to be had, there must have been 50 vans there at 1:50pm  some folk had obviously been there for a couple of days as they were really set up with full annex, washing on lines etc. There is a 20 hr limit on this park but some over stay. Never mind we went on just out of Ingham to a free camp called Frenchmens Creek nice camp on the side of the road, toilets, plenty of parking for around 10-15 vans. One old couple were again set up for the long haul, genny in the bush, etc. They left their van and went shopping then returned late that afternoon. We had a reasonably quiet night, I slept like a log as usual.
Up in the morning and in to Ingham for Macca's Breakfast, Yeeeh! From there we decided we would go straight home, then the rain started, hell what was this? FNQ and cold rain, it poored down for ages.
On a very sad note we went through beautiful Cardwell, what a disaster area, all the beautiful shade trees along the beach were smashed to bits, houses were missing or had tarps on the roofs, we had totally forgotten about Yasi in Feb this year. I did not want to stop as I loved this place and to see it in such disrepair was upsetting. We drove through the rain all the way to Cairns. We are staying at a friends house in Kuranda, Lisa & Rick have 5 acres in the jungle, fantastic spot except for the narrow, gate entrance. We had a hell of a time getting in and into a spot. Nevermind, all set up now but not looking forward to getting it out again in a few weeks.
Well this closes this episode and blog so we will start a new one in October when we will be off again. To all who have followed us please sign the guest book and we will see you all later.
Dreamcaster, Fae & Misty

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Charters Towers

We left Clermont after a great week doing nothing but site seeing. We met lots of nice people there, most are regulars who come to fossick for a month or two then go home again.
The road up to CT is nowhere near as bad as we had before, not great, but not bad either. We had an uneventful trip just looking at the beautiful scenery as it went by, some startling cliff faces out of nowhere, miles of grass lands.
One thing that stood out all the way from Narribri up was the amount of cotton on the side of the roads from the passing trucks. There must be tons of it, one lady at Goondawindi Info center told us the local charity group built and paid for a small club hall from thr proceeds of picking up the spilt raw cotton from the sides of the road. We would not doubt it.
We finally made it to Charters Towers by three oclock after the caravan park told us if we were not on time they would give our site away.!! I have never had this problem before, never mind, quite a nice park, nice clean ammenities, camp kitchen is not too bad. We have got a BBQ in front of our site but it is wood fired and no wood present. The BBQ has not been used for a while as it is very rusty. They have various theme nights in the camp kitchen every second night or so which cost around $10 - $12 per head, not much I suppose but with two it makes it $20 odd dollars a night, not on my budget by having these nights earning money though it stops any one else using the Free camp kitchen at times. Bit of a bugger. They advertise Free Wi Fi but thats only for 30 mins then you have to pay.
Still never mind again we are close to home and looking forward to getting a few little things done on the van and tug. We will free camp at blue water for a couple of nights then on to Our starting point Cairns.

Emerald to Clermont

We left Roma to head on to Clermont but we received a call as we left. The lions club at Emerald contacted Fae to do a talk that night! No problems, yeh right. No where to stay booked etc never mind, we ended up at a nice free camp by the botanic gardens under the bridge. We got in aroud 4 pm and the camp was almost full. The vans were from the entry to the park all the way down to the rail bridge. There must have been around 20 vans etc in the park. One thing I notice is that every body is friendly in these free camps, they all talk to each other.
Fae had a good night and was given a lift back to the bridge, we had a good nights sleep and off in the morning. We did not get away very early as we only had to go just over a hundred klicks to our next stop in Clearmont.
We had a full week off here, we found a beaut caravan park in the Clermont Caravan Park Haig st. What a pleasent place. The new managers Mort and Gayle were the most welcoming people in a park we have found, they went out of their way to help, offer advice and generaly make you feel special. They have only been there since. Nov last year and are slowly pulling a forgotten park back to its former glory, the amenities, though old are spotless, heaps of hot water, the sites are huge with all sites dead level, slabs and car parks for each site. There is heaps to do in and around town. The girls at the info center go above and beyond to help. The scenery around the area is beautiful as is the Theresas Dam. The camping out there is also mind blowing, $10 per night, showers and toilets, drinking water and open fire places. Heaps of fishing in the dam also red claw aplenty. This area is well worth another visit, albeit from a different direction.

What a Trip to Roma

The road to Roma from Gundawindi was what is called hell on bitumen. I have often complained about the road from Cairns to Townsville, hell that is a super highway compared to the north road out of Goondi. It is one lane wide with a middle line, i am sure it was someones idea of a joke, you go up and down, down and up the poor suspension on the tug and van. I bent up my brand new Trail Mate jack as it bottomed out on the road. This has not even got close before. The sides of the bitumen were totally destroyed by the big rigs going up and down the road. The sides stood up around 30 -40 cms high leaving you only the center of the road in many places before a small place called The Gums. From there on it was just pure up and down with out the sides being trashed. I realise this sounds bad but take my word for it, do not do that trip.
On reaching Roma we stayed at the Big Rig Tourist Van Park. The park is taken over by the mine workers once again, i know you cant blame the owners but the touring vanners take second plsce. We were lucky to have a site with a slab, out the back people were just placed around the mud areas. There were no sealed roads out the back just a lot of single quarters. Pool was closed, water to doors of toilets when it rained. The managers were not that helpful either.
The one saving grace was the Bull Ring camp kitchen, right in the middle of the front park, it had every thing you would want. 2 BBQs, stove top, fridge freezer, microwave all stainless steel bench tops etc and lots of seating and room. Although you do have to get in early to beat the workers and truckies who live there. When we left they still had a couple of single mens quarters to open up. Forget trying to use the laundry, the workers leave their gear in machines and driers all day and night.
There were lots of things to do in Roma itself so you can still have fun. By the way the family park is owned by the same crowd so dont expect any better, oh dont forget to book. They were turning away 20 vans per day when we were there.

Friday, July 15, 2011


We left Narribri and drove out towards Roma via the Macka's for brekky, He! He!
First part of trip as far as Goondawindy was great. We ended up stopping, what a lovely little town, we ended up staying at the Goondawindi Tourist Park for three nights. The park was one of the best we have stayed in so far, clean, peaceful, great clean ammenities, camp kitchens (two) BBQ's about 4,did I mention Clean!!
The owner managers were teriffic, I was walking to the office, after I had stopped in the designated booking in area, and noticed a golf cart coming my way. Being stupid I stuck my thumb out and the cart stopped, the guy said I was a "lazy bastard" and to get in. He turned out to be the boss, what a pleasant way to be welcomed Ha!Ha! After booking in they show you where to park and escourt you just in case you have any trouble reversing etc. it was a drive through so that was OK but one gent did have to get help !! makes you wonder. The owners tell you about the parks facilities also what happening in and around in town.
There is a stocked billabong on the property complete with ducks etc. They have fish BBQ every second night and pancakes on Sundays. We did not do the BBQ's as $15 per head was out of our budget. For that though you got a fish fillet, coleslaw and a baked spud, choc pud for desert and bottomless tea and coffee, so not bad.
The place was very busy and full all the time, the only complaint was he told us we would have trouble with power, and he was right, every time you wanted a coffee you had to turn off HW and heater. On investigation I found that the part of the park we were in was supplied with 10 amp circuit breakers only, there were no exceptions to the complains about this but he said they are working on it, here's hoping.
Unfortunately it was time to go and head for Roma so on ward further north.