Monday, December 15, 2008

Where does the Time Go

Hell has it been that long since I have updated the blog??
Well a lot has happened, not the least to mention that I now have a real job, No more playing with CROCODILES & TOURISTS,. I got me one of those jobs you hear about, quite well paid, air-conditioned work place,(about 25 inside) a good team to work with, coffee etc. Bloody great compared to working in the rain from 8 till 5 .
I left Hartley’s and now work for a firm called Norstate Gas, a welders warehouse sort of place, you know, a guy shop!!!

We are settling in to the van very nicely thank you, but I must admit I seem to be doing the lions share of the cooking etc but my beautiful “Fae” looks after the washing and cleaning etc. Fairs fair I suppose. We come home and usually start with a coffee, then move on to a wine with “ horse’s doovers!!” until after the news and a current affair. Very sophisticated Ha!! “Fae” has the annex all set up complete with reclining chairs, side board and a host of candles. Very homely.

As I said previously,
I am surprised at how easy it was to adapt to the van. Our annex is our living room and the van for cooking, sleeping ,washing etc. The boss admitted today that there are a lot of things in cupboards that have not been used yet but we saw them as “MUST HAVES” As for the Jayco, the only problem so far was a pump in the washing machine, replaced for $39, and works like new again. We are very happy with our Jayco and have yet to find any real problems with the van.We have had some bloody torrential down pours and nerry a leak.

The van park at Lake Placid has lived up to its expectations, during the busy period we were full of Grey Nomads,(Just like us) what a very friendly bunch of people, well mostly any way!! There seems to be a bit of a trend setters group occasionally that form a circle for drinks and then shun anyone else that is not seen to be in their sect!! Never mind their loss, by far the majority of vanners in the park are all very nice people who we like to keep in contact with if possible. I know some will be back next year and all being well we will still be here. Apart from Jules and Len who most of you would know, we met a couple with a love for two very small dogs, Paul and Lynne.(not the dogs names) We had some bad news with these two as Lynne had to undergo a bypass op during their trip. They were heading to their next stop when Lynne had a heart attack and had to be taken to Townsville for surgery.(get well soon)
The male half of the other couple, Len, is at it again as far as I know and Jules is flat out keeping him away from the nurses again.
It must run in circles you know, “Fae “ has had a cough and sniff for nearly twelve months now and finally our doctor got her to get a thourgh scan again to see what was happening. We the next day we had a call to say that there was something “Majorly wrong with the scan and we had to see the doctor immediately” We both said nothing but we both thought , “no not again, we have had our turn!” We had a shocking night as neither of us could sleep although neither one of us wanted to let the other know we were worried. The following morning off we went to the doc’s, I was very upset at this time and the doctor asked me how I was and seemed very jovial, even to the point of asking if a trainee doctor could sit in on the consult. What!! Did he want to show the new guy what people who were down looked like !!
. I was very pissed off at this point and the doc must have picked up on the vibe as he asked me what was wrong.?
I said we got the message and here we are!. You should have seen his face drop, classic, the message we were suppose to get was that there was something majorly wrong with her sinuses and we needed to get it fixed as soon as we could. What a relief, you have no idea! I broke down to tears as the relief flooded over me, my “Fae “was safe after all. When he said she needed to see a specialist to look at her nose etc. I could have kissed him.
That brings us to tonight, I am writing this after visiting my beautiful “Fae” in hospital, She is doing fine and will come home tomorrow. I believe she is going to support a couple of black eyes for a week so she will use that to her advantage to get the sympathy card!
So as of now you are up to date and I will try to be more dillegent and try to keep up to date. Thanks to you that have signed our guest book and please keep in touch.
To all our readers and friends please keep in contact and be safe for Xmas and the new year.
LOL Dreamcaster

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kymnlyn said...

Hi team,
Glad to read all is well.
Yeah, I do get time to wonder around my own site to see what is going on!!!
Russ, I am empathetic to your situation. I too have been in the same situation with Lyn. Only to find all is well. In fact better than expected. Sleep well my friend.
Great to read you both have adapted to living in the van. Even if you had an audience while moving in. Someone should have sold tickets so you could pay for happy hour. Better still, those who were nosey, should have invited you to their happy hour!!!
Good luck for the future. I'll continue to read.
Safe travels